Create Family Electronics Rules…

Have a family meeting to agree on times devices will be turned off. Setup rules on your mobile phone for everyone and all devices, or each child separately.

Screen Makes Sure Your Family Follows The Rules

Screen will remind your family how much time they have on each device, and will automatically log off your computers, tablets, phones, TV, and Game consoles.

More Screen Features

  • Family Agreement – Parents and children can set screen rules together and sign the agreement.
  • Family Rules – Each family can set its own standards and agreement.
  • Turn Off Devices – A time limit can be set to turn a device off when it reaches the limit or devices can be shut off/add time remotely from the parents’ device.
  • Interactive Time Management – All users get a custom message to warn when the device will be turned off.
  • Location – Any connected device can be located.
  • Device Usage – Screen allows you to view any applications that have been used by each connected device each day.
  • *Shake* – All connected devices can be turned off with a shake of the main device

...than you’ll want to be part of the Screen family!

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  • Parents app for iPhone or Android
  • Unlimited apps for kids’ devices
  • Set top box for up to 3 TV connected devices

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