Set time limits, track device usage & activities with Screen

Screen lets parents:

  • Set bedtimes
  • See what kids are doing on their devices
  • Remotely turn off devices
  • Works on EVERY device
  • Anti-tampering notification mechanism
$99 $159
One payment for all devices.
No commitments. No fees.
“So far it’s been great my kids steal devices back after I go to bed
so now if they do steal them back their devices are useless thank u lol”
-- Chelsey, mom of 2

Screen Solution in a Box

Screen Solution in a Box

  • Set time limits.
  • Track device usage & activities.
  • Set family rules for device and TV usage.
  • Remotely turn off devices including TV and Game Consoles.
  • Display custom messages on all screens, and create your own alternative activity options.
  • Locate any connected device.
$99 $159

“Screen takes the “Gate Keeper” role away from the parents and
empowers children to disengage from the games they are playing…”
- Marcella Moran, LMHC

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  • Unlimited devices
  • TV Control Unit
$99 $159
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